Village Mom Ambassador

Urban Mommy Village Ambassador



What better way for you to build community than for you to create it and build your own! Want to know the latest resources in your town? The best schools? Date night swaps? Lunch with other moms or just simply hanging out online… what ever the reason, Mom-to-Mom is the best resource for information and sharing.

What is an Urban Mommy Village Mom Ambassador?

A Village Mom Ambassador  is a Mother who is first enthusiastic about motherhood and family.  They are interested in early childhood education, community building and healthy lifestyles

Sounds like fun? Then keep reading…


What does a VMA (Village Mom Ambassador) do?

VMA’s are innovative, creative, tenacious and most importantly loves to socialize and have fun. VMA’s will lead their own group of moms in their local neighborhood byways of social media.  They review products (which can lead to earned income), set up neighborhood partnerships (more income), create local events and most importantly socialize and build community. Basically, you become the guru for everything motherhood in your Village (i.e local neighborhood.)

As a VMA you continue to do all the things you love… being a mother, raising your family, meeting new friends, generating income and being a positive and inspirational voice in your neighborhood.

What we believe

We believe that the experiences we have as a child will directly impact our future.  We understand that life changes as circumstances change.  We recognize that all women do not have the same advantages, but all mothers have one common thread.. We Love Our Families!  So we work on behalf of all women to ensure that access to resources and information is available and free.


Urban Mommy Village Ambassador

Your Village

What an awesome idea to bring to your neighborhood!  Just think, you could build  your own village right online with the support from us.  Your neighborhood would have your neighborhood information, news and latest events. You could build a strong village for your family for a lifetime to come.

So what does it take to become a VMA?

1.   Drive

2 . Commitment – 2-4 hours per week

3.  Social media skills

4.  Great attitude and personality (you’re going to need this to enhance, empower  and build your village)

5.  A computer/laptop with stable internet connection

6.  Flexibility & patience (potential revenue takes time to build)

7.  Already active with Urban Mommy social media pages (instagram, facebook, twitter)


Urban Mommy benefits


1. Receive a welcome UMA Swag bag

2. Build a solid Village (neighborhood community)

3. Earn income

4. Free products throughout the year

5. Gain invaluable social media skills

6.  A life time experience


Interested in starting an Urban Mommy Village in your community online? Fill out the below prelim information and you will be contacted via email only.


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