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Contributor Landra Glover

Join the Race
By Landra Glover

I can’t quite tell you the moment it happened, but one day my son Jaxon started showing me how to go and get what I wanted out of life. I noticed that even from an early age, he had no fear of rejection. If he wanted something, he would simply ask for it.

“Can I see the cockpit?” he brazenly asked the pilot after his first flight, despite my protest of  “Shhh, honey, these people are working. We don’t want to bother them.”

When I first noticed this behavior, I would get embarrassed; I allowed my past experiences of rejection to interrupt my son’s amazing gift. But eventually I have learned to not just stand back while he asks for andreceives what he needs from the universe but also to emulate him.

During a recent meet-up with my running group, Black Girls Run, I brought Jaxon along so he could ride his scooter. I thought it would be routine, but Jaxon soon noticed that a track and field event for youth was taking place at the same time, and he had anything but routine in mind. He quickly informed me that he wanted to run with the kids, and like I sometimes do, I found a couple reasons why he couldn’t.

That didn’t stop Jaxon.


As I started running around the track with the group, I noticed Jaxon observing the kids and the atmosphere I stopped when I noticed him talking to a parent about the event. Although I was just out of earshot from the conversation, I could see Jaxon was not quite satisfied with the result, so he located the man in charge. He’s done it again, I thought.

I watched my son engage in a conversation with the man, and a few minutes later, he came to find me again.  “Mom!” he called out. “That guy said I could race with the kids. It’s about to start. If you just go over there with the other parents and sign up, I can run.”

“Jaxon, honey,” I said. “You have your basketball shoes on, not running shoes.” “That’s okay, Mom, I can still run fast in these. Come on, Mom, hurry up!”

I couldn’t do anything now but support my son, who truly desired to participate in this race.

I only ran a mile that day instead of my usual three miles, but trust me, it was worth it. I witnessed my son go after what he wanted. He had a positive attitude and no fear, and in the end, he walked away with a ribbon and a sense of accomplishment.

Almost every day, I try to emulate Jaxon’s enthusiasm for life, now more than ever as I take on the challenge of starting my own business. Of course, doubt visits me, but when it does, I keep Jaxon’s fearless behavior in mind, and I am inspired to step off the sidelines and do whatever it takes to participate in the race of business and life.

About Landra

Landra mother of 1, author and  winner of the National Head Start Parent of the Year. She enjoys reading, traveling being active and currently starting a new business venture.  

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