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Urban mommy inc product review

Zevia Zero-Calorie Soda

This sampling is available to Portland Oregon moms by invitation.

So what is Zevia:

Searching for a refreshing, zero-calorie soda that’s better for you? Zevia is the original soda that’s sweetened naturally with stevia, a little green plant whose leaves are 300 times sweeter than sugar. With zero calories and no glycemic index, Zevia is a delicious choice for diabetics, kids, expectant moms, and health-conscious families.

Available in 15 delicious, good-for-you flavors like Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, and Cola, Zevia is the one soda your family can enjoy guilt-free.

Urban Mommies selected to sample this product will sample with other moms in the area. You get a chance to meet new mom’s, get coupons and have fun.

Want in? Email us with your name, email and phone number. We will message you if selected with dates and location



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