Celebrity New Mom Cherie Johnson talks about Motherhood


We recently caught up with Celebrity Mom Cherie Johnson.   That’s right,  if that name sounds familiar it’s probably because you remember her as the cute kid star on Punky Brewster. Johnson first rose to fame, at age six, when she appeared on Punky Brewster (1984) as the fictional character, “Cherie”, and the show aired from 1984-1988. One of her most recognized acting roles is on Family Matters(1989), where she co-starred as the character, “Maxine”, and the show aired from 1989-1997 on ABC.

Photo Courtesy of NBC

Like true Urban Mommy style we love the mommies that push the envelope and does not accept the status quo when it comes to their little one’s.  Well, the beautiful Cherie is all grown up with a lot to say about being a new Mom. 

UM: When you first learned of your pregnancy, what was your immediate reaction?

Cherie:  I knew I was pregnant before I took the test. I found out at 4 weeks and was SUPER excited! Everyone told me I was crazy because I kept telling him or her I could feel her. They all told me there was “NO WAY”  I could feel anything that early. At 38 years old I knew my body.  I had never been pregnant, so I knew something was different and I had life growing inside of me!

UM: So this is your first child? Do you want to have more? If not, why?

Cherie: This is the first child I have given birth to, but I have a 21-year-old son whom I have raised. I think she is it for me.  I waited until my son was grown so he had me all to himself and she deserves the same. Plus, I went through 7 months of bed rest. She decided at 14 weeks she was ready to come out! In order to hold her I had an emergency cerclage and had contractions every day for 7 months. My contractions were controlled by a heart medication. I have the most amazing DR ever he saved my daughters life and mine. So birth is not an option for me but adoption is…. maybe we will see.

Cherie Johnson

UM: How has your life changed for the positive post pregnancy?

Cherie: I am truly in love for the second time! (1st was my son). I have lost the 50 pounds I gained while pregnant, and life truly has new meaning. I was so young while my son was little.  I don’t think I took the time to fully understand his development. I thought I had a living doll. This time I am in amazement about every second.

UM: What has been some of the more difficult challenges post having your baby?

Cherie: My biggest challenge since she has been here is the vaccine schedule. I think its nuts that they want to inject babies with all this stuff at once. I also don’t believe in giving children new vaccines. I spoke to her first pediatrician about separating them and doing them off schedule but when we went in for out DTAP, I was told it was mixed w/the HIB and POLIO as well then they wanted to give her 2 other things that day as well. That would have been 5 vaccines on the same day! Sorry not my child. So we have since switched Doctor’s and the Doctor and I have come up with a vaccine schedule that I am a lot more comfortable with. But she still wont be getting them all!

UM: What do you do differently than some of your friends or family to make the transitions after having a baby easier?

Cherie: I think the biggest difference for me than my friends is that I planned to have my child. I have wanted a little girl for 17 years and always knew I would have her one-day so I started shopping along time ago. I knew where she would be born so I saved money for her. I am blessed enough to not have to rush and go back to work. I also don’t worry about what other people think. I do what’s best for my baby and I.  She sleeps with me, ate watermelon at 5 weeks (oooh people cracked me up freaking out because I gave her a little watermelon but they gave their children formula which is full of chemicals.) I have never waken her up to eat (which they say do) she sleeps 8 hours at night and she is gaining weight and growing just fine. She is 3 months and the Dr’s is amazed at how advanced she is already. Simply because I believe in eye contact, reading and having conversation with her. You would be amazed how so many parents miss the simple things because they are stressed out. I also use cloth diapers and don’t use a diaper service. Instead of baby wipes I use a washcloth and soap!


UM: What do you do for me time?

Cherie: LMFAO!! Me time has become mommy and me time. I love music so I make sure we have music hour. I started that while I was pregnant and everyday we make sure for at least a hour we listen to a different genre of music from children songs, country, classical, Latin jazz, R&B, pop and soul. She bobs her head and we have a dance party.

UM: As a result of your experiences, has it motivated you to write a book, cd or get involved with any children related activities?

Cherie: I started working on a series of children’s books about 3 years ago, but she has light- a – flame under by booty. I am thinking about opening a children boutique! I am a recovering shopaholic who has fallen off the wagon since she has been a part of my life so I need an excuse to shop.



UM: What advice would you give a mother who might be struggling with their first child? How would you encourage her?

Cherie: The advice I would give her is calm down.  As long as you approach everything with love they don’t break! They will get messy, they will sneeze and by 3 months you will be able to tell the difference in those cries. Just keep baby close. Honestly, all baby needs is mommy’s love and attention.

Oh yes..

Cherie: Never look at your baby, as a number they are individuals and all are different! Do not let anyone including doctors compare them. You are your babies biggest advocate listen to your gut.

UM: Your fans want to know what you’ve been up too recently. Please tell us about some exciting things happening in your life. 

Cherie: I had a baby 3 months ago and spent the year on bed rest… LOL!  Before that I did a film with Antwon Tanner and Lil Moe “Who can I run too” and another “A place called Hollywood.” I also have a natural hair line called Wild Cherry.

UM: Thank You Cherie for sharing a little about your journey as a new Mom. We appreciate you. 

Learn more about Cherie Johnson

Follow her on twitter @cheriejohnson75

Story by: Monique Joseph


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