“Mom You’re Doing Great!” 5 things Moms need to hear when kids go back to school!

Back to school- Urban Mommy Inc(86)

The holidays have whizzed past at speed and before you can pause for breath, the ominous words, ‘Back to school!’ are mentioned. What happened to those carefree days of giggling kids at the park or on the beach? The days of no stress or timetables and not worrying about if your little one is going to lose her cardigan again!

Moms these days (and many Dads) are under so much pressure to do well, at easing their loved ones into the difficult transition from holiday mode, to new class and new routine. This can be a tense time for everyone. So what does Mom need to hear to comfort her, as she guiltily leaves her sniveling youngster at the school gates?

1. Your kids will always pull at your heart strings and make out school is the most evil place. However they will be fine when they get there and the tears will stop when they see how much fun they can have!

2. Stop worrying about your kids doing alright in school and making sure everything’s just perfect. Just remember, love is the most important thing you give (and you do this in abundance) and everything else will take care of itself!
3. It only seems like yesterday when you were tearfully handed to the kindergarten teacher by your own Mom. Look how far you’ve come and be proud of your own children’s milestones. Remember the good times you had at school and be happy that your son or daughter will share these experiences.

4. Don’t worry about your kids being lonely. They make friends quickly and will have plenty of them to play with at recess!

5. Keep busy, treat yourself to some ‘Me’ time and the day will go by quickly! Your child will be waiting for you, eager and excited to tell you about their time at school and to show you their latest artistic creation!

So as the new term starts Mom, relax! Tell your child to work hard, play fair, have fun and don’t forget to bring her cardigan home!


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