Real and Genuine “Jada Pinkett-Smith – Take care of YOU, first”

This by far is the best talk I’ve heard about motherhood! Honest, raw and very direct and real.  What Jada Pinkett Smith discusses about taking care of you first is one of the reasons I started Urban Mommy  ( The business of motherhood.)

I knew right away the sacrifices I would be making and the journey I would be on (and continue  to be on) and the stages would bring me joy and also grow me. You invest so much and give up so much of yourself, then you look around one day and realize you’re not the same person and that It takes time to go back to being yourself.  Learning to navigate those waters and focusing on you so that you can be the best Mother, wife, sister, friend that you can be is a total overhaul in itself. 

Thanks Jada  for this profound synopsis and word for moms!


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