Don’t worry we’ve all been there! 2 ways to get it together after having a baby

weve all been there-urbanmommy


Every mom has had those super terrible, awful days! Screaming kids, house dirty, haven’t returned your best friends phone call in weeks, husband not getting any attention.. or sex for that matter and the list goes on and on.  Before you know it, you’ve lost sight of yourself and if anyone says anything to you, you might just break down and cry. Then one day you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror walking by in a store or at home and you say to yourself..”What in the hell!” Now flip-flops and leggings are an everyday wearable. This wasn’t you right?  I know the feeling…and trust me, We’ve all been there.

So what should you do now?

Reflect on what has gotten you to this place and Make it happen

Of course besides the obvious, having a baby can take a toll on the strongest of us.  And its okay that it has taken some time get back on track. The reality is that you first should realize that there is a need to get back on track.  Start some where.  If it’s shedding those baby pounds, start walking.  If its, going back to work but you’ve loss your desire or taken too much time off, maybe take a refresher course and get back in the swing of things. If it’s renewing your relationship with your significant other, try committing to starting a date night at least once per week.  Even if you can’t get out the house, try this… after everyone has gone to bed make a dessert for just the two of you over candlelight.  Whatever it takes just make it happen.

Make a small investment in you

It took me some time to go and get a pedicure and manicure after having a baby.  I was so focused on the baby that I really started neglecting myself.  But after sometime, I realized that I wasn’t happy with me. I would think about how just a few years before the baby, I always kept myself looking tip-top shape.  So, I found little ways to keep myself feeling confident.  For example, If it wasn’t in the budget to go to a full salon and spa I would go to the schools.  Often times they offer great services at a discounted rate.  The Aveda Institute of Portland offers facials, manicure, hair, nails and more for as little as $25 bucks.  Can’t beat that! A small investment in you and some relaxation can soothe the soul and relax the mind so that you are a better mamma to your little ones and family.


We’ve all heard the term, “You will feel normal again.” And it is true.  Eventually you will get back to normal.  However, sometimes we need to help the process along. I’ve learned that once you start, like wearing make-up again, you will get back into your normal habit of feeling good about yourself.  That feeling of thinking its only about the baby and family is ok.. but If mamma isn’t happy, it will make for ruff times around the home.  Invest a little in yourself. Your future self will Love you for it!


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