Every Single Mom Has One, But She Isn’t Using It.



Recently I was called to the stage to perform and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction.  Once I stepped on the stage I told the audience that after my performance I would be heading home immediately because I had to get home to perform my mommy duties.

I stood on stage and the chorus to the song by the Roots “Don’t worry you got me” came on and I recited a few poems. In that moment I felt as if I hadn’t skipped a beat. I became one with one of the things that I enjoy doing.  As I listened to my voice the inflections, tones and rhythms awoke me. My inner voice was rejuvenated in a matter of minutes and I remembered my femininity, my gift and what makes me happy. These were the “TALENTS” that were given to me.

When I stepped off stage  there were dozens of confirmations awaiting me.  I appreciated every positive, “that was good”.  As I poetically moved across the room, I met a single mom who felt comfortable expressing her love and ability to write poetry.  She said she understood my mommy duties because she has three children.  We traded mommy stories and she confessed that she wished that she would have brought her note-book so she could get on stage.  I quickly replied,  “yes you should have, but next month is your chance.”

As single mom, I can honestly say that once I had Jaxon I pushed some of my talents to the side.  I never meant to abandon my talent, but I have been so impressed with Jaxon’s abilities that I have forgotten my own.  I sincerely hope that single mom that I met will dust off her notebook and get on stage, because single mom’s should not forget their talents.

So tell me, single moms what is your gift and when was the last time you used it?


Landra Glover- Contributor URBAN MOMMY

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Landra mother of 1, author and  winner of the National Head Start Parent of the Year. She enjoys reading, traveling being active and currently starting a new business venture.

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