Administrative Leave with pay is NOT ENOUGH- McKinney, Texas Police officer

McKinney, Texas Police officer

If you are like me, sometimes the weekend is jam-packed with family activities and television watching is low on list.  So to my amazement, I was in complete shock after turning on the news. My mouth was wide open and I was without words after viewing the full/partial video of the Texas Police officer in McKinney who was called for an apparent overcrowded pool party.

The officer has been identified as Corporal Eric Casebolt, a 40-year-old Navy veteran who has been an officer in McKinney for nearly 10 years, according to Fox 4 News.   No one knows at this time if race really played an issue in the call to the home or if the officers actions were motivated by race. The harsh reality is that regardless of the fact if this cop used race as a reason for his actions, his actions were totally unacceptable! All I could think about is, what if this were my 14-year-old daughter being thrown to the ground, knee in her back, grabbed by the hair and all while in a bathing suit.

I realize that there is a process for investigating police officers but the families in this community need to rally behind this young girl and the others and push to have this officer immediately fired and formally investigated.  If this were a white child with her face pushed in the ground and being handled by the cops in such a manner, The World would react in a different manner.

When will these sorts of behaviors and injustices end!  I am so saddened by this news.


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