I Wish I Would have saved all my 90’s Clothes! They are Back!

Is it just me, or are you absolutely seeing all the fashion trends that you loved in the 90’s back again. Now I don’t mean the those cross colors, Kid-N-Play or even slouch socks looks, but some of the trends for this summer are actually pretty unique and cool.   I’m not surprised that the 90’s are making a comeback…. Those were the years!

Check out some of our favorite finds for this season and rock your 90’s girl again! or better yet, visit your mom’s house and pull out all that stuff you’ve been holding on too.

Capri’s are back.  Check this cute little jump suit from

www.eloquii.com (sizes 12-24)


Image 1 of ASOS Crop Tank In Knit With Fringing

Cropped tops with Fringing.  This is sort of a 90’s and 60’s look in one. But the cropped tank was awesome in the 90’s


Chunky heel by Dolce Vita DV



Classic Denim Overalls | Forever 21 PLUS - 2000082053

Classic Denim Overalls:  I loved these in the 90’s

Forever 21 and they have plus size too


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