Affordable Family Spring Break Destinations to Visit

Affordable Spring break vacations

Family vacations aren’t always the easiest thing to plan. One of my former colleagues shared with me how much it cost her to take her family of five on a Walt Disney Spring break vacation.  Let’s just say, I don’t want to have to take out a small loan, or cash in a 401K to afford this type of vacation every year.  So, I asked a few of my friends with school age children where they would like to visit if they had their choice, and the destinations were not only awesome, we found it was quite affordable.

Even if you decide to just go to a local camp, go hiking or visit the local museums during the week.. the key is to have fun with the entire family! But if you have a little extra cash you can spare, check out our great Spring Break destinations that can be great fun for the whole family:

Monteverde, Costa Rica
Not only does this Latin American country have wonderful beaches, it is endless vegetation that will get you and your family back in touch with mother nature. From the sugar cane,  to chocolate and coffee tour, down to a visit to their Selvadura Insects;  All of these activities which are based in Monteverde can be an educational and fun experience for family members of all ages.  Not to mention countless hours of outdoor beach activities with the family.

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Montreal, Canada
Home to one of the most exciting circus shows, the famous Cirque de Soleil, this lively city is a sure way to guarantee entertainment every moment of your holiday. Learn how ski at one of their many child friendly and scenic slopes( And for something a little more  educational why not try visiting their famous Montreal museum of fine arts, or their newest addition to the city, Musee Grevin de Montreal wax museum.

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Cancun, Mexico
This city south east of Mexico has activities in abundance. Famous for their delightful family resorts, it is the perfect place for adults to enjoy some down-time while still keeping the kids entertained.  Make sure to visit their one of a kind shopping centre, at the Open-air La Isla Plaza that also features interactions with dolphins and other sea creatures.
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Washington, Seattle
One of my favorite place especially in the spring and summer.  It helps that its only a three-hour drive for us and I found that this is one of the best way to save on the expenses that come with going on holiday. Enjoy and immerse yourself in the cities rich culture by learning more about its historical sites and monuments. Take nice long walks along and into one of its famous markets that will not only give you those hard to find bargains, but it will provide the kids with ample fun activities. Their local zoo is something that will have you feeling like a child again so why not end off your trip with a visit to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium for a different take on the animal kingdom.

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