Fun Valentine’s Day Activities To Do With Your Toddler

making cut-out hearts
making cut-out hearts

If you have a little one in the house then you know that fun and creative ideas are always a winner them.  I’ve come to learn that toddlers are simple. Giggles, fun and busy work will always bring about an exciting time.  So, if your interested in a cute and fun afternoon activity for your toddler keep reading.

One fun activity that everyone can enjoy together is making Valentine’s Day hearts. It’s easy to do, and only requires construction paper, tissue paper (the arts and crafts kind, not the other), and some Elmer’s Glue or a glue stick. The tissue paper should be the color red. Pencils and scissors will also be needed.

There are a number of popular ways to make simple Valentine’s hearts. The completed heart can also serve as Valentine’s Day card. This particular method is one of the easiest ones because all you do is draw a picture of a heart on a piece of construction paper.

Begin by cutting lots of little squares out of the red tissue paper and curl the squares around the tip of a pencils, in a cone shape. Then, simply glue the tips of the little cone-shaped pieces of tissue onto the paper, right inside of the heart that you drew. The little ones will be delighted at the sense of responsibility and accomplishment they feel, watching the heart-shaped pattern come together.

This can be a slow process, but you can take as long as you want to complete it; depending on the rest of your agenda for the day, and on how small you actually cut the strips of paper.

Don’t worry if things get a little messy, or the paper takes a while to fill up. The fuller it is, the prettier the heart will look. Everyone doesn’t really have to have their own paper and fill in individual hearts if you don’t want. It can be fun working in pairs (although typically, the kids will want their own). Mom might want to team up with the two year old, and dad and the second grader can join forces. If you choose this option, remember, the point is not to be competitive, but to enjoy the task of working together.

Other enjoyable activities for Valentine’s Day Saturday might include:

Our family loves Redbox. This is an easy way for the family to get all the latest movie choices.  Just pick out some favorite family movies that are sure to make everyone laugh and warm their hearts. Maybe you can start with a favorite like Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown; one that even the two-year-old can sit through for a while. And don’t forget about some yummy snacks for movie time. Hubby may not want to sit through a baking session with the kids, but he probably won’t mind if you pop in some easy cut and bake cookies into the oven. If your not in the mood for making cookies, then try the Tollhouse brand  which has a nice selection to choose from that are not only tasty, but are convenient to prepare and clean up after when you’re done.

Finally, you may want to cap the day off by playing a game with the kids and settling down to a favorite fun food like maybe Pizza. A casual dinner is a great setting for discussing the day’s events and what everyone loved best about Valentine’s Day this year. When the kids have been fed, bathed, and have passed out for the night, then you and your mate can get started on the REST of your Valentine’s Day.

Have a good weekend!


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