So many of my friends have said to me they admire the relationship I have with my husband and often ask for advice on dating, relationships and men.  Now, I don’t count myself to be a guru or anything, but I will say that I take great pleasure in making sure that I am the woman who my man desires.  I want to keep his affections, so I go to great lengths to ensure that he’s happy and that I’m happy.

So during this love month I thought I’d share some things that have worked for me in the past and that you could possibly use if your single, seeking or in a relationship.

If you are a woman and you are wondering how you can make a man fall madly in love with you (If he isn’t already) below is a perfect guide for you.

1.   Stop assuming that he knows that you love him.
I am totally surprised every time I talk with one of my single friends and she tells me that, “I’m waiting to tell him how I feel. I don’t want to reveal too much.. to soon.” Trust  me, If you don’t, someone else will.  Then you are back in the game again. You need to tell him that you love him. Men are very different from women. A woman will pick a man who makes her feel loved. On the other hand, a man will go for a woman who will makes him love himself more. So what does this mean?  It’s  important that you make your man feel great about himself if you want to capture his heart. Don’t wait for Valentines Day to tell him that you love him. Look at some of the great qualities that he has and compliment him. Let him know how lucky you feel having him and he will love you more.

2.   Show confidence
Confidence is a key factor if you want to capture the heart of a man. Everything starts by believing in yourself. You might not be the most beautiful girl, you might think you have a few extra pounds to lose, or your hair isn’t quite right. This doesn’t mean that he can’t love you. Come’on.. We’ve all seen that couple where you wonder, “How did she get him”  There is a reason.  Stop being insecure and show him that you deserve having him as the lover of your life. If you are the type of girl that keeps on telling your man how ugly and fat you feel, you will definitely lose him. Just know that he chose you despite the inadequacies you feel that you possess. Your femininity is all he desires. Never forget that!

3.  Develop “Joie ve vivre”
In French, “Joie Ve Vivre” means, “The Joy of Living”.  People are attracted to people who make them feel good, that possess natural warmth and kindness. Men are easily attracted to women that can make decisions on their own. When he asks you what you prefer, tell him with confidence. Always be honest with him without fear that honesty will disappoint him. Self-confidence is a feature that captures the heart of many men. Also, it is not always wise to let him make all decisions concerning your relationship. Stand up and let your voice be heard, but not in a rude way. Your opinion is also important. When you start becoming the person that he will always want to be around. You become infectious!

4.   Stop showing desperation
No man wants a lady who is desperate. When it comes to love, desperation is a direct opposite of attraction. You have to stop being needy and always seeking his approval if you really want to capture his heart. So instead of desperation, show your “Mystique.” What is mystique exactly? Have you every met someone and constantly wondered about them.  It may appear that no one knows anything about them. Now this doesn’t mean that  you hide yourself from being known. It means that you keep a little bit of mystery about yourself.   You become irresistible and soon he will start to adore you.  Don’t mix up having mystique with shutting down. There is a difference in revealing too much and being captivating.

Practice makes perfect ladies.  Take time to invest in you first. Go get a full day makeover. Get your hair done, makeup, get a body scrub. Okay, so everyone can’t just go get a makeover. Well there are tons of DIY facescrubs, DIY, Body polish, DIY hair tutorials on youtube. The point is, Invest in you.. Invest in you..

Then after you have invested in  you, go invest in that special man in your life. Forget about the fact that you didn’t get a good birthday gift, or Christmas present. Show him how you want to be loved by how you love him.  Trust me, if you are planting in good soil.. You will soon start to reap the benefits.


I’m just saying..



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