6 Valentines Day Ideas for You and Your Sweetheart


Valentines Day is approaching and love is swirling all around you. If  you’re looking for ideas other than spending money on big-ticket items and you genuinely want romance, then our ideas would be right for you.  If you haven’t started to think about ways to make your loved ones day special then these ideas might be suited for you.


love pancakes
Show your Love in a creative way


1) Put a Playful Spin on Breakfast in Bed: When your significant other wakes up present them with an orange juice (or mimosa/coffee whatever their preference might be!) along with a card that says “I’ve loved you for…” and then when they look at you confused present them with a plate featuring the number of days you’ve been together (or change it to I’ve loved you since.… and add spell out your anniversary date). You can make numbers using a variety of foods like bacon, pancakes and vegetables

2) Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane: When did you and your significant other get together? Take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to relive that joyous moment in your life. Do you remember what type of food you had? What music was topping the charts? Which was the first movie you watched together? Surprise your partner by reliving these experiences and it will be as if you were reliving the joy of getting to know each other all over again.


Spin the bottle for Two
Spin the bottle for Two

3) Spin The Bottle For Two: Remember this!? Cut out circles of construction paper and write things along the lines of “ Tell me what you love about me”, “forehead kiss”, “ Favorite physical trait” Romance and fun ensues!


4) Destination Dinner: Sometime earlier in the day throw a dart at a map or spin a globe together and wherever your finger lands make a dinner from that country. You can also YouTube some music and learn something new while having a romantic evening!  Or, if you’re not in the mood for cooking together you can always find that same destination in your local town. Restaurant.com is a great place to browse for the local spots.


Dine in the dark
candlelight dinner

5) Dine in the dark: Plan an elaborate dinner that you can prepare by candlelight! It will create laughter and then romance as you set up for a candlelight dining experience in your own home. Be creative. You can even add some of those favorite memories here on the table. It’s about you and your partner. You know them best! Have fun with it.

6) Favorites Day: This Valentine’s Day you get to do everything you both love! He picks what he thinks is your favorite movie, music and food and you chose what you believe his to be. He prepares your favorite dish and you prepare his while listening to music picked by each other for each other. After dinner watch your “favorite” movies and cuddle up!

Don’t be afraid to switch up the old and add some of your very own twists to our favorites.

Have fun!


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