What’s in the Box?


You ever open a gift and was totally surprised? Well, that was definitely me on Christmas morning. When it comes to gift giving, my family doesn’t pull any punches.  Better yet, my husband never misses a beat when it comes to surprising me with all the things I want and some that I didn’t even ask for.  Of course, when I opened the box that he had double taped and double boxed, (so that I wouldn’t sneak and peek) I was all smiles to see that little blue box that every girlie girl likes to see… TIFFANY & CO… so my next comment was, “What’s in the box hunny?”

Of course you all know that I love to reflect while life is happening around me, and I couldn’t help but think about this entire year and the mired of boxes left unopened and some that were opened maybe too soon. I also couldn’t help but think about some of the awesome things that happened to me this year.

I cut my hair off after growing it out for over 3 years.

My big Chop
My big Chop

Our daughter was Christianed,

Zoie Alexandria Dedication
Zoie Alexandria Dedication

I turned 40 (yes im finally admitting it)

My Big chop after growing for 2 years
Turning 40

Our baby turned 1


My beautiful husband and I celebrated our first year anniversary


I ran my first 5 K with Black Girls Run after 3 weeks training. Talk about a confidence booster!

The Starlight Run W/Shannon my running buddy
At the finish line at The Starlight Run W/Shannon my running buddy

We traveled to Italy to celebrate our Anniversary and take some time off from a tough 15 months post pregnancy

Sheldon and I at the Vatican
Sheldon and I at the Vatican

I was invited to participate at the Life you want tour with Oprah Winfrey

Seattle Life You want Tour w/Oprah
Seattle Life You want Tour w/Oprah

And seriously, I could go on and on. This year has been rewarding and awesome.  Additionally, there has been some great lessons learned as well.  Like that little “blue box” you never know what’s really in the box with somethings or people.  Ive learned that people are far and few and you can really count the genuine people on one hand. I’ve learned not to take things too seriously, or better yet myself too seriously. And finally, always take time for yourself.

As a mom we give so much of ourselves away to everyone else and then we look in the mirror and wonder, “What the hell happened! ” What happens is that you let yourself go, you stopped investing in yourself, you put everyone else first and you forgot about the most important part. ..YOU!

I know I’m guilty of it just like everyone else, but something happened to me towards the end of the year. I was revived with new purpose and intent. When I began to make those mental shifts everything started lining up. I’m EXCITED About 2015 and all it brings. I hope you are too!

Have a great rest of 2014. And do something nice for yourself to bring in the new year!


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