Small Things Can Change Lives

Someone asked me today, “Why am I doing what I’m doing with Urban Mommy? ” The answer: I truly believe that the experiences we have as a child directly impact our future as adults. I hope to impact as many of these children as possible. Even if it’s the smallest act of kindness. Small things can change lives and families.


Today we sorted and wrapped 65 gifts for five Portland, Oregon families. With the generosity of so many of our friends, supporters and sponsors we were able to fulfill the wishes of the families selected for the “All I Want For Christmas” wish project.


A special Thank you to the volunteers who came out to wrap each and every gift today. I could not have gotten this all done without your help. Thank you also to Elevated Coffee.  They are a locally owned coffee shop by proprietor Sarah who generously gave us the space for the week to collect toys and clothing. image After we finished wrapping all the gifts I went home to my 16 month old and husband and quietly reflected on how fortunate and blessed we are as a family. So many Individuals are hurting, suffering and just basically getting by. Those of us have been given so much, I urge you to do something kind for another person this holiday season. Remember,  even the smallest gestures can make a difference in the life of another. I wish each of you a Wonderful Holiday! xoxo – Mo Joseph


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