A Touching video for Co-founder of Miss Jessies | Titi Branch


Like so many other natural hair girls, I was shocked to hear about the death of this beautiful woman Titi Branch, Co-founder of Miss Jessie.

I remember when I first transitioned to being natural, I took a trip with my best friend to New York for her birthday. One of my first stops was to the Miss Jessies salon in Manhattan.  At the time,  Portland, Oregon didn’t carry the product, so I had to purchase the product online. I was brand new to natural hair and didn’t know what the hell I was doing.  But, I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to see it in person.


Just so happens that Titi was there that day. She was sweet and very friendly. I told her I litterly flew across the country to get my hands on this product. She smiled, and told me “I’m glad you did.”

My brief encounter with her I’m sure doesn’t compare to the multitude of friends and family who miss her dearly. On the other side,  I just want to encourage everyone to continue to check in with your friends and loved ones. A smile on the outside doesn’t mean there isn’t hurt deep down. We have to pay attention to our friends and family. Pick up the phone,  stop by their house and reach out every now and then. Also, we tend to be a society that is quick to lass judgement and jump to conclusions. Remember, until you’ve walked in someone’s shoes. Don’t judge!


Urban Mommy sends it’s deepest condolences to the family.

Watch the moving and touching video for Titi Branch from her sister Miko.

xoxo – Mo Joseph


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