What messages are we sending our girls?


I was out shopping yesterday and saw this display. I don’t know, is it just me..but what are we teaching our girls?

Through my lenses I  saw… Girls,  lets teach you what it means to be a good homemaker and learn to cook.  And boys..Let’s teach you about engineering, working, building things.  I’m sorry, I think its just a little time out for these gender revealing roles.  I’m sick of seeing things like this that push our girls and boys towards something specific.  What if the boys really like to cook and want to be a chef! What if the girl wants to be an engineer or work in construction or better yet own a construction company.   So parents, I encourage you to let your little ones explore with things other than gender  specific toys and books.

We have got to do better as a society.  I always say, you can’t expect for corporations or others to do it for you.  You’ve got the responsibility of raising your children with certain values and morals, and showing them that there is something more to life then gender specific roles. They have the potential to do and be whatever they want to me.

However, I do believe in holding organizations responsible for the messages they send out.   I think some of these toy companies will be receiving a friendly letter from me soon.

xoxo – Mo Joseph


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