Homeschooling our 16 month old | Motivation for the new Parent

Zoie learning to count at 14 months

I’m sure by now you have done your homework on the best approaches to homeschooling.   When Zoie was born we knew that her education would be top priority for us.  But moreso, we knew her greatest influences would come from us. So we wanted to make sure in these foundation building days that we devoted as much time as possible wirh giving her a great start towards a bright future.

As of right now, I homeschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday, Wednesday and Friday we send her to an early learning program where she learns curriculum on a preschool format. We were very blessed to find someone in our area that does this type of work wirh infants. Here she learns sign language,  Spanish,  math, language arts, music and more.

At home we focus on life skills, creative,   science, development skills, nature,  and extra curricular activities like swimming, dance, arts and more.

Zoies Thursday schedule

We have a full schedule packed with fun activities all day long.


We make the world her canvas and our home the building blocks for success.
What better way to give your child the best chance at an awesome future than to invest in her.

Zoie learning to make Chocolate chip cookies

Was I afraid…Yes! And, I will say this…I’m not a trained educator although I have a degree and finishing up my Master’s program as we speak.  Don’t let fear of not having a teaching degree or formal education distract you!  Because you have your child’s best interest… you can do this.  You are resourceful and motivated and those are the key ingredients needed. Next, come up with a game plan. Do your homework.  Talk it over with your partner and make it happen.

Zoie playing with one of her favorite development games

These first few years your baby needs all of you. Once YOU realize you are the person holding the card to helping your child realize their full potential in life, the easier this will be.

Take a breath. ..and have fun in the learning canvas of life with your little one!

Here are a few resources that helped me get started.

Montessori Homeschooling

Setting up a classroom at home

Projects for Homeschooling

All things Homeschooling

Best of luck!  Let me know how it goes!

xoxo – Mo Joseph


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