Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart


Last night my husband, Zoie and I was headed to take our take our Christmas photos when we noticed a car was stalled in the middle of the street.  Everyone else was honking and just going around what appeared to be a little beat up car. Something was clearly wrong because we could smell the car.
We pulled up beside the car and rolled our window down. It was an elderly woman and she was a bit distressed, but I noticed she was smiling. My awesome husband immediately jumped out in the middle of the street and went to give her some assistance.

I asked her if she lived nearby and she said she lived in the opposite direction.  It turned out this little old lady was delivering thankgiving dinner to some other needy people.  Well, we helped her get safely to the gas station about 1/2 mile away amd made sure she was okay.  That little encounter last night of course got me to thinking.  Today was originally set aside for a day to give thanks for the bounty and the blessings of the year.  Forget about all the hype of foreigners taking over a land from the original natives.  Let’s remember the true meaning or the essence of the spirit of today.

I know for myself, I have an awful lot to be Thankful for. Let’s just begin with the fact that I woke up this morning and I’m able to celebrate another Thanksgiving. Life is wonderful! And each day I get to spend with my dear husband and daughter is a blessing. I was so proud of my husband acting so quickly to come to the aide of another person.  He showed such compassion and love to this stranded elderly woman without blinking and eye. And this woman was obviously doing the same for someone else.

This is the true meaning of this festive holiday we celebrate every year. If throughout the year we don’t take the time to invest in others,  give back and love our fellow brothers then truly we have wasted eleven months of what could have been a fantastic year!

I pray that each of you have something wonderful to be thankful and grateful for today and the rest of 2014. If nothing else, your alive today and you have another chance to make someone else’s life a little easier!

Happy Thanksgiving!


xoxo – Mo Joseph


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