Halloween Monster Cupcakes | Quick Decorating ideas

Tis the Halloween season! Your kids social calendars fill up fast this time of year. Party invites, play dates and outings to all sorts of fun stuff. Of course bringing a dish to share is a must and in my book, desserts are a must.

Zoie was invited to a pumpkin carving party and while I love to cook, I didn’t have the time yesterday to really pull all the ingredients together for our cupcakes. I did however wanted to have cute decorative cupcakes with great frosting. So I did what any innovative busy mamma would do….I used a simple box cake. But I made my own frosting.

Halloween Monster Cupcakes

Begin with following the recipe on your selected box. I always add a few extra ingredients like cinnamon or chocolate bits.


Select your cupcake liners and get your pans ready.

I found these cute liners at our local Dollar tree.


Next, while your cupcakes are baking for the next 15-20 mins now is a good time to prepare your toppings and make your frosting.


Frosting Ingredients
1 small container of Cool whip
Small box of instant pudding
2-4 tablespoon of creme cheese softened
1 cup low fat milk

Mix all ingredients until light and fluffy.
Can be frozen and stored for later use.

This is the best frosting ever, so light and delicious


Lastly, let your cupcakes cool and then have fun decorating.


I used the frosting for the eyes and nose, and raisins for eyeballs.



And there you have it. All of this not including baking time took less than 30 minutes depending on how many  cupcakes your decorating. I made 24.

Happy Halloween!




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