Why This Mom Supports Ballot Measure 92 | Oregon

Preparing a healthy meal for my family

Since giving birth to my daughter I can truly say that I have never been more concerned about the foods my family eat than right now and that’s why I am a supporter of Ballot measure 92 in Oregon.

If the good people of Oregon pass this measure it will force manufacturer’s of food to label their products if it contains any GMO’s. These are harmful Foods derived from genetic modified engineering and we as consumers have a right-to-know what we are eating and if it poses any potential health problems that may arise from consumption of these foods.

For me, growing up in Chicago, Illinois to a low-income family and raised by my Grandmother,  we didn’t always have the healthiest foods on the table. It was most of the time full of fat, salt and other unhealthy ingredients.  They were can goods, frozen foods and foods that were not fresh or grown. Of course, this was the stuff that always tasted the best. Grandmas peach cobbler, Mac and cheese, potato salad and all the fixings. Sounds good doesn’t it?

What I didn’t realize is that all this “so called good eating,” was setting me up for problems that would affect me years later. Now don’t get me wrong…. There isn’t anything wrong  with all of the above foods.  I Love mac and cheese too, but understanding what’s in the foods you purchase, cook and eat can make a world of difference in your health and future. For instance,  I was simply amazed at the ingredients of two different apple juices in our refrigerator recently. One advertised low sugar and the other did not. Simply read the labels for yourself.

Recently purchased products in our fridge

As a new Mom, I have a choice that can change the direction  of my family. That change includes education and understanding what foods are good and those that are harmful. This new measure will make it possible for me to continue on a healthy path for my family and continue to give my daughter the healtiest start possible.

Zoie enjoying the start to harvest

If your in Oregon vote YES on measure 92 and make it possible you and other families to have a choice towards a healthy start.

Read more about the ballot measure 92

Vote yes on 92


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