My Rant| Loving Your Natural Hair & debunking negative images

Just the other day my white neighbor said to me as I was walking my daughter “Did you do something different to your hair, it looks great, it’s long!”


Well that something different was that I had just blown it out and flat ironed my hair. Of course I wasn’t surprised by her comment because most of my white friends are clueless as it relates to black hair. On the other hand, I usually like to utilize these moments as “teachable” moments. But instead, I found myself getting a little bit angry partly because I thought about how this same thing will impact my now natural head 14 month old.


Needless to say, I took the time to educate my fellow sister about all that hair I have lurking behind my coils and how it’s just as beautiful straighten or kinky.  Her response was simply,  “I had no idea your hair was that long.” Unbelievable, I thought to myself.

I realized I can’t change the perception of most people regarding black women and their hair, but I do realize that how proudly I wear my kinks and coils now will make all the difference with how my daughter will visualize her reality in a few short years.  Right now, my infant isn’t concerned about image, but in a few years she will begin to get bombarded with those sometimes negative images of beauty. I want her reality of beauty to be influenced by a proud and happy mommy who loves every part of her natural real self!!


The 5 Biggest Natural Hair Mistakes –


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