Homeschooling a One Year Old

Our little girl is 13 months now and Ive been searching the internet, books and researching to find some good tools to start this journey with her. Thanks for sharing your candid thoughts and information. I appreciate it. Im also going to reblog on my site Urban Mommy Inc.

Green Picket Fence

Yup, you read that right.  I’m homeschooling Frankie!

Frankie’s reaction to his mommy being his one and only teacher

(Actually, his reaction to Christmas.  Tis the season).

Ok, not really, but I’m calling that in my world, at least for the time being.  The reasons?  First, let me say that ALL parents homeschool in some way, especially before they enter kindergarden and first grade.  I’m fairly open-minded about homeschooling in general; I myself was homeschooled for high school (although the thought of homeschooling younger kids scares the crap out of me).  Seriously, am I the only educator who feels more comfortable with adults?  Anyways, since I’m a stay-at-mom currently, I’ve been thinking about all the things a non-daycare, non-preschool attending child needs, like a schedule and structure – in other words, I need to get my act together and start educ-macating my baby!

Two, we have been seeing our therapists through Early…

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