Traveling to Rome | tips on saving money


Well the time is almost here. Im sitting in our connecting airport waiting to board our flight headed to magnificent Rome, Italy. It’s been quite the journey so far.  So let me give you a few tips if your thinking if saving money and time.

*  Check all connecting airports near your home airport. You might find a cheaper ticket when trying to fly international. For us, flying out of Seattle verses Portland saved us nearly 900 bucks!

* We took train from Portland to Seattle and the light rail to the airport. Saved on taxi fare and car rental. Plus, we able to get an extra day in Rome by traveling from Seattle verses Portland.

*  Travel light on the plane, it’s going to be a long flight.  One carry in if you can and bring yourself a blanket if you can. It gets cold.

*  Be smart, pack snacks

*  Make yourself an itinerary with all important info. We included: copies of passport,  (marriage license for me since we are newly married ) airport transfers,  hotel contact,  and calender of events if you ha e scheduled. I also included a list of restaurants to visit and places to see.

*  Most importantly keep a great traveling attitude, things could get delayed, misplaced or anything.

Tour on vacation so keep it light and HAVE FUN!!



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