Living a life with no regrets | A Mothers perspective

Have you ever just stopped and paused to reflect on you? I mean, often we spend countless hours as parents thinking about other people especially our partner and children. Now don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with you making your family number one. But does those countless hours we spend on the family do something to us that is irreversible?

I was talking to a friend of mine recently that has undergone several operations. She seemed so depressed, tired and really just worn out. I remember her saying that she needed to get home to prepare for her daughters recital. Now this was literally hours after her procedure. I remember thinking to myself, “There should be someone there helping her just simply heal, not worrying about a recital.” Trust me I get it! I often do the same thing. But a thought entered my mind. “Who will fill the cup of the pourer!” In other words, we can spend so much time filling the needs of others that we neglect ourselves to the point of sometimes no return. That no return can end you up in the hospital and sometimes even worse than that…death.

Now I don’t mean to sound so morbid. But honestly, I believe as parents we have to do a self inventory and make sure we are doing all we can to not only maintain ourselves, but reinvigorate our sanity, health and spirit. I know for me, time has been flying by with the birth of our daughter. She’s already one and I keep asking myself where did the time go. I can see myself saying that again and again and before you know it she will be 18.

I refuse to be that person who looks back on life and wishes I had done more for myself. I want to be that woman, mother and wife that looks back with no regrets and in complete love with the fact that my life has been beautiful.

So today, after you’ve washed all the dishes, clothes, made all the beds, cooked dinner and gave your partner some good loving…be sure to take a moment to reflect on your wonderful self and then make plans to do something you want to do this week. Even if it’s just having lunch with an old friend. Just Do It!



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