Reflections | From a Happy a Wife


Today I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on my husband and daughter. I’ve been so blessed and so fortunate to have a beautiful family. As I reflected more I realized that I’ve gotten to this place because of two things. My Faith, and Choices.

My grandmother instilled in me the importance of always having faith despite your circumstance. I’m just like everyone, I’ve had my share of disappointments, set backs, ups and downs and some caused my my own silliness. But through it all, I’ve kept the faith. I’ve kept a positive attitude, and I’ve kept going despite what I see in front of me. This has been my guiding truth.

I’ve also learned that life is all about “Choices.” We choose to live where we live, we choose to buy a certain car, and we ultimately choose who we will marry (if that’s what you want). I’m so glad I purposefully chose Sheldon as the man for me. I can’t express how awesome he is as a husband and a man. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about him as a person. He’s a wonderful husband, lover and friend. He is my Best Friend! And without him, I wouldn’t have been blessed with our beautiful daughter. We prayed from day one that God would bless us with a happy, loving & cheerful child. That is exactly what we received.

I’m saying all this to say that, when you merge faith with choices….you can’t go wrong ! Purposefully choose to love a life that is full of happiness, the right attitude towards life and the courage to live it abundantly.

Just my thoughts today!!


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