Zoie’s 1st Birthday | Doc McStuffins Theme | planning guide

Every Mom’s greatest joy is doing something special for their children.  I think the 1st birthday is even more special. Why? Well it’s the first of many to come, the opportunity to celebrate with those who supported you with the birth of your child and of course your chance as a Mom to show off your creative,  fun planning side (which every mom thinks their the best)

So, I’ve decided to share my updates as the planning goes along.


Zoie’s Birthday is in July and I have about 20 days to pull it all together before her big party.

First, I selected a theme: Doc Mc Stuffins.  We fell in love with this amazing new character on Disney Junior. And Zoie has fallen in Love with her as well since she was 4 months. At this stage you can also select your colors, etc.


Second. Decide on a location, date and time. We chose our backyard because of the space and hopefully it will be nice weather for a summer birthday.

Third. Create your invitation list and order your invites. I decided to make her birthday cards after looking at all the doc themes. I simply felt I could do a better job. But feel free to use whatever card company that’s fits your budget. Also for her envelopes on the back we added really cute felt flowers to seal them. (I’ll add a photo soon)



Fourth. Plan your party. Start with creating a list book. Search the Internet, shop around for ideas, asks family or your partner to assist. I’ve found that this can be a challenging job and become a bit daunting.  But if your like me, I simply Love this part of the party. ..The planning.

Okay this is my current stage. I will update more as the details come rolling in. We’ve received the invitations and they were mailed 30 days in advance of the party date. We also created a Facebook invite as a reminder and to collect RSVP ‘ S. I’m currently shopping around for cake, cookie and sweets table ideas.

In this phase you will start to come up with all sorts of ideas. Plan them out, write them down,  takes notes of fun websites you visit. Before you know it your party will take a life of its own.

Have fun! Your baby will only be 1 once….
I’ll update you guys more as the development happens..

1ST Birthday Update

I’ll let the Pictures do the Talking….simply amazing. We had such a great time. Thank you to all our family and Friends who made this an awesome day for our little Zoie Alexandria.














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