“And I Quote” – I’m a hustler baby

Check out this thought provoking post from Sheldon.. share with your other friends.. a very good read

S F Joseph, LLC

For a minute, I thought I lost my hustle. I thought I let up on the gas and was on cruise control. I thought I let my guard down and got soft. For a minute, I felt that I was coasting, stale, out of season and off my grind. I felt that I wasn’t on, like I wasn’t engaged, like I wasn’t well, me.

Truth is, my hustle never slowed down it just got sharper. I never let me guard down, it just got more focused and I never went stale, I just saw peoples “opportunities” for what they really were. I wasn’t off my grind, I just graduated from grinding. And I wasn’t out of season, I just recognized that God doesnt wait for a season to bless his own, he just does it. I am always in season and the next move is just the next move until…

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