For Father’s Only (New, Existing and Potential)

Awesome read! Real talk

S F Joseph, LLC

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something produced by my own brain. It has been hard to blog and live one hell of a busy life the last few months. Let me start by confessing that fatherhood is not for the weak or pompous. In the 10 months before Zoie arrived and in the 10 months since she arrived into this world, my life has been one big beautiful bundle of chaos. I never knew that you can exist in a constant state of exhaustion and joy, worry and contentment, defense and offense.

I heard the tales of sleepless nights and the zombie effect in work meetings. The occasional spot of poo or projectile vomit, leftover from the morning festivities of kissing your child goodbye. Being the only one in the office that smells like baby wipes and diapers. And yawning rough presentations in front of people who…

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