Deal of the week | Free baby leggings


My husband always praises me for finding the best discounted prices on everything.  What he doesn’t realize is that I searched high and low for these deals consistently.  I leave no stone unturned when it comes to saving money for my family. And in a future post I will actually share some of my secrets to finding the best deals on groceries, food, baby clothing, and yes ladies even accessories, shoes, and much more.

But for this week I found a great deal and I absolutely love these. Baby leggings are the best accessory ever for growing babies, crawlers, walkers, you name it.


For my little one, she is just beginning to crawl and trying to walk on her own.  Even for those days where she just wants to roll around on the floor or take a nap, these come in so handy. They protect their little legs from minor scratches, bumps and bruises. Plus they are fashionable and fun.


I was excited to see that they have another great special (Zoie already has 8 pair) so, I will be getting my 5 free baby leggings  this week.

1. Go to the Baby Leggings website.

2.Click on “Shop Now” and choose your 5 favorite pairs of Baby Leggings.

3.Once you have made your selection, you’ll automatically be directed to your shopping bag.

Enter the promo code “Family2014” and we will deduct 100% off the cost of 5 pairs of Baby Leggings! And each additional pair is only $2.

Baby Leggings make great gifts! Selections dwindle quickly so order yours today!*Remember you can use the promo code “Family2014” more than once, just open a new web browser to do so.

Hope you guys enjoy and happy shopping


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