11 Ways to Liven Up Your Spring Break

Great Ideas for Spring break!!! Enjoy!!

Red Tricycle

A week off school with nothing to do gets kids all excited until spring break begins and they are bored out of their minds. If you’re looking for ideas and places to keep those creative juices running until school starts again check out these 11 activities for last-minute boredom busters.

1.Get your art on and create sand paintings and mandalas at Spark Art Center. From March 24-26, kids ages 5-8 can build their own castle, or explore their wild side by crafting cardboard jeeps and animal pillows. Camp is $45/day, and registration is required, so remember book online.

2. Saddle Up from some specially priced rides with Oregon Beach Rides. Kids 6 and up will enjoy this hour long trot along the sandy shores of Nehalem Bay. It’s $65/child and $75/adult, and don’t forget to call before you drive on over!

jakesmome-flickr--kidsphoto credit: Vicki Watkins via creativecommons flickr

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