Portland’s Most Awesome "Destination" Playgrounds

Spring time is almost here and it’d time to take the little ones outdoors. I found this great review of kid parks in Portland .. I’ll add my reviews later. We plan on hitting one of these awesome parks today and enjoy the 67 degree weather

Red Tricycle

Neighborhood playgrounds: Portland is blessed with tons of them. They’re close and consistent, always available with a swing or a slide to cheer even the grouchiest kid. But let’s face it, if you’ve lived in Portland as long as this writer, the sweet pocket park around the corner starts to get old. If your child is showing signs of playground fatigue – sure signs are deep sighs when he walks over to the monkey bars– it’s time you hit up one of these “destination” playgrounds:

Dickinson Park
Tucked deep inside the Crestwood neighborhood of Southwest Portland sits a playground that looks like it was designed by the Jetsons. Don’t go there looking for swings or tall slides (though there is one small slide attached to a little tot playset off to the side). Instead, bring your favorite little monkey along to explore the suspended rings that form a tunnel –…

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