Be Authentically You | Natural Hair and it’s challenges| New Mom


I never try to rush to a decision about anything,  but since the birth of my daughter I have not been quite myself in this department.

Hair is a funny thing with women, particularly women of color. We go through stages with our hair. Do I straighten it? do I cut it? do I go natural?
Well, for me almost 3 years ago I decided to do the latter after a very bad experience with a hair braider who didn’t know how to manage hair. So I decided to wear weaves and braids until it grew out and then I went natural.

Then comes the pregnancy,  baby and motherhood. Since giving birth 7 months ago,  I can say I have had little or no time do do anything to my hair. For example,  I use to take my time washing and conditioning,  now I get in the shower and I’m done in 5 minutes. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry because I’ve put so much time and effort into growing my hair.

So where am I now? Well, my hair is dry..brittle, thinning and damaged again..Some of it because of hormonal changes and giving birth..but also because momma hasn’t taken time to care for her coils. Not cool!! So what to do now? I could make excuses as to why and what could have been…but that’s not necessary.

Well,  if your a natural lady you understand how obsessed we can get with our hair. From products,  to styles to growth techniques and scouring the internet for the latest and greatest.   But I’ve realized one thing over the past few days.’s just hair!! It will grow again and it will grow stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Also, there is of course no way around it. You must invest the time and effort into maintaining those beautiful tresses.

But for now, with a little one who constantly pulls and tugs on my hair, I have to resort to something. So I’ve decided to give the tappered look a try.  It’s become my new natural hair obsession.  Plus, with this style you can play with color.

So here are a few of the styles and colors I’ve been considering. .


Love the cut…


Luv the cut and color…


This is the one I’m considering cause it will keep some length. .and add a bit of color…


Kinda like the color. .

So at the end of the day… it is truly “JUST HAIR”  What I love so much about black women is that we can rock anything, look good in anything and be our lovely beautiful selves with any texture or style. Just whatever you decide…Be Authentically You!

That’s my plan! ! So when I get the cut and color. I’ll update you! 


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