Rookie PREGO Mom top essentials


I believe when a woman begins this exciting journey of pregnancy and motherhood like hitting puberty there are some unexpected imbalances and some exciting turns in the road. Of course for each woman, this experience is very different. But while pregnant, I’ve been taking note of some of the things that have made my experiences a little easier and more enjoyable.

Support network & social network
If you were like me, you took the Internet finding resources. Ive noticed some women join local groups throguh their hospital or church. Some join meetup groups or breastfeeding groups. But for me, simce i enjoy social media..taking to the internet was the way to go.
I think most women have heard of ‘what to expect”. Well it was here that I was able to link up with our birth month club via Facebook. This group was and is exciting, fun and enjoyable. I have been able to connect with women around the world that are sharing in similar experiences as myself. I found myself being able to talk about things I might not discuss with others. But knowing you have a group of 800 plus women who understand made my days a little easier! This was a great find for me. Other noteworthy social media sites for Inspiration and sharing were Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Great spa like essentials
It soon became difficult to fully wash every area of my body. As my beautiful stomach started to grow and the baby develop, this was the one area that was important to me to fully care for. In addition, an Investment in a great loofa with a handle came in handy while trying to reach my legs, calves, feet and back. Also I purchased essential oils, lotions mad body butters. These were also fun to have my husband rub me down and can add to a fun filled time of sharing and love.

Nothing is more important at this time then making sure you have a wonderful experience. Investing in your personal care is one way you can escape all the pains and aches and growing bump and have a little bliss. Trust me, once the baby is born your body will thank you.


3. My Ipad
Or any small tablet will do. I’m just a fan of the iPad (wink)
Self explanatory !!!


4. Food delivery service
Lots of companies like Safeway, new seasons and other local grocery stores deliver for a modest fee. Not only will this save you time but it will also save you in energy. Being pregnant and bed rest didn’t afford me a whole lot of comforts, but being able to keep my shelves well stocked during those 6 months were the best


Enjoy your pregnancy and remember every little step. Keep a journal, start. Blog, share with your partner and live in the moment. This is an experience of a lifetime and no matter if you have a great or challenging pregnancy…it’s simple your journey and one you will never forget!!

Happy pregnancy!!


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