Valentine’s Day for the Busy couple


Valentine’s Day for the Busy Couple

Finding time to set aside to just be together as a couple can be one of the biggest challenges in relationship maintenance. When both of you have jobs, social commitments, commitments to staying healthy and working out, family to keep up with, and other everyday life stresses to attend to, often the first thing to slide down the list of priorities is that crucial intimate couple’s time.

And that’s without kids. Add kids into the mix and it seems nearly impossible to juggle it all. For couples without children, it sometimes just takes a commitment to making the time every day for one another, and keeping to that promise. For couples with kids, it can be more complicated. Obviously, once a couple decides to have a child, it is understood that the child will be a priority. But that doesn’t—and shouldn’t—mean that you no longer spend time alone as a couple. As reports, it is important to continue to make time for each other, even if it’s something as casual as “breakfast, a walk, a glass of wine on your patio before dinner while la bebe is sleeping, even running errands together.”

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to brainstorm some ways to make this day special for all those busy couples out there.

Write each other love letters

This free and easy way of showing your partner you care can be the perfect unexpected small gift this Valentine’s Day. The thoughtfulness involved in writing out how you feel about someone can be a great way to reconnect. Plus, it’s a nice memento to keep forever. Just make sure you date it so when you’re looking back on it in 50 years you can remember how it was to be this age!

Make a date night at home

If you have kids, once they go to sleep, having a quiet and romantic night at home can be the perfect way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Get a bottle of wine, rent a movie, hold hands and share a bucket of popcorn.

Try something new together

Though it’s normal for sex to take a bit of a nosedive after the birth of a baby, keeping that fire alive is extremely important. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to rekindle the flame. As writes, “It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, but a little lingerie on the outside never hurts!” Lingerie is a sexy and fun way to mix things up in the bedroom. Whether it’s as simple as a sheer teddy or as naughty as a nurse outfit, bringing something new into the sometimes monotonous bedroom routine is a great way to rediscover that passion you have for one another.

No matter what you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, be sure you find time to relax and enjoy being together as a couple.

Author bio:

Shelby Watkins is a young teacher and writer with a passion for learning from and sharing with other women. She has a 21-month-old son and a husband with a demanding job and is always searching for ways to balance all the demands of her life.



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