The New Mayor – The New Future

New York Meet your New Mayor De Blasio..

What I find to be so interesting about his win is of course his family. All across the Internet today and on social media black women particularly natural hair women are discussing De Blasio and his lovely family with natural locks, an afro, and a twist out.


What I thought was most interesting is that on social media black women across the country are wondering if this is going to start a trend of black women dating white men. On one social media site that I’m a part of called natural hair, the women are going back and forth discussing how cool of a family they have and how they now might consider dating a white man.

Isn’t it interesting how something as simple as how you see yourself through the eyes of the media can change your perception of how you want to live your life whether it be dating, socializing or even marriage.

Well ladies to each his own.  If dating someone from another ethnicity is what will make you happy they go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do or who you can love. That’s what this great country is made from..having the choice to choose.

More about the newly elected Mayor

Courtesy of ANNIE CORREAL New York Times.

To mark this occasion, we have gathered some facts about Mr. de Blasio that you might not know.

• At 6 feet 5 inches, he is even taller than John Lindsay, who was 6 feet 3 inches and was elected mayor in 1965.

• In his 20s, colleagues referred to him as “Big Bird with a beard.”

• He speaks Italian (well) and Spanish (decently).

• In the early ’90s, he lived in a basement bachelor pad in Astoria, Queens. His answering machine greeting often quoted lyrics or poetry.

• He then courted a lesbian writer, now his wife, Chirlane McCray, and moved to Park Slope.

• He is 52; she, 58. They are the city’s first interracial mayor and first lady.

• He is the first mayor to live in Brooklyn since Abraham D. Beame, who was elected in 1973.

• He does impersonations, including Charles Rangel, Bill Clinton and a goose.

• He is a Red Sox fan.


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