Labor and Waiting | Eviction Notice


Hey guys…
So I’ve been admitted to the hospital since Sunday, July 21st because of Pre-term labor. I was told when I arrived I was 3cm dilated, but since being moved back to Labor and Delivery at 11pm last night, we find out we are only 1 Cm dilated.


Well, to get the ball rolling we started induction at about 1am July 28th.. yes you read correctly…its been 7 days of labor so far.. So, they gave me Cervidil to help the process of ripening my cervix and hopefully producing some contractions. Well, it’s morning and I haven’t felt any contractions and wondering if its working at all.

After all our complications during this pregnancy we are officially 37 weeks pregnant and I must admit, I’m glad I don’t have to wait another 3 weeks to meet our little one, but this Shit (excuse me) is driving me bananas!!! The process is so long and the wait time is exhausting in itself. And I know, I know, some of you mothers reading this will say, “it’s all worth it in the end” and I’m not denying that I’m not looking forward to the end result, but I am entitled to share my thoughts and feelings at the moment…

I’m not a complainer or someone who always sees the worst in a situation, so I will try to remain the same in this case. I’m anxious, excited, nervous, scared, overjoyed and happy all at the same time. However, I am praying to God that he literally delivers me from bondage!! I am sooooooooo tired right now and I haven’t even started pushing this baby out yet!!!

Well that’s my labor check in guys for today. Hope the next time I write to you it will be with good news that our baby girl is here!!



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