Our Wedding Story of Love, Hope & perseverance

This week I married the love of my life despite circumstances. I hope you enjoy our wedding story.


After eight months of pregnancy complicated by medical challenges that prevented us from traveling to Hawaii for our destination wedding ended with me being put on restricted bed rest at the hospital. While in the hospital, that same week, the only father I knew, my step-father passed away on June 11th. Despite the pregnancy complications and sudden family death, we would not let this prevent us from marrying one another. On a limited budget, we decided to go-green with only 4 days to plan a wedding. What better way to show our Portland Oregon spirit!


So with the the help of the hospital, $279 for our cake and desert bar, $75 for a student photographer, a dress purchased by my stepfather that I can wear again, $40 to make our programs on recyclable paper and wedding favors, invitations sent via Paperless Post, makeup by done by a girlfriend, hair styled and contributed by my stylist and my bridal flowers supplied by the generosity of the hospital, we were married on Saturday June 15th at Legacy Emanuel Hospital Children’s Garden.


Many community leaders, supporters and community family were present to witness our joining in Marriage. Judge Adrienne Nelson officiated the ceremony, State Rep. Lew Frederick and Commissioner Loretta Smith also participated along with a host of other community leaders, advocates and friends.


As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” This was not the ideal wedding or plan we had in mind and I was looking forward to marrying my hunny in Maui, but you know what..you just gotta roll with the punches. So we did what we know to do best. we included the people who matter to us in our lives… Our community family.

Our love for community service is one of the things that bonded us and brought us
together, and since both of us have been in Oregon, the community has
embraced us and pulled us in as one of their own.” We are glad that despite any outside odds we were able to join together in matrimony. Our little girl when she is born in 4 weeks will know that she has two strong parents that have a bond And love for each other that will last a lifetime and share that love for her as well.




We are so fortunate to have people around us that Love and support us. Thank you to everyone who made our special day possible!






View our wedding blog where you can read more about our story:


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