Are you ready for Love? Wedding Day thoughts!


They say “watch what you ask for, cause you just might receive!” Well, It’s 4am in the morning and its my Wedding day! And I can truly say…I am receiving!

Our wedding, love story and journey has been real interesting and a true testament of faithfulness, hope, love and dedication. After the wedding I promise to tell you all about it!

But for now, I wanted to reflect on the dear man (Sheldon Joseph) I will be calling husband today and my gratefulness to a host of friends and community family that has rallied around us to make this wedding happen in less than 4 days!

Ive learned When your on the right path all doors will open for you!


First to the man I’ve grown to adore and Love so very much over the past few years.. Sheldon, you’ve made me the happiest woman. I count my blessings every day that God brought you into my life. You make loving you so easy!

Also, Our very special day is happening because of so many generous and loving people. Being on hospital bedrest to deliver our little one has been very difficult and made it a challenge for us to get married over the past 8 months. But with God, all things are possible! To the staff, doctors and nurses at Legacy Emanuel Hospital you have made our day so very special. I am looking forward to getting married in the beautiful Children’s Garden and then delivering our little girl here. Thank you for your generosity!

To our family, friends and community family in Portland.. You all totally Rock!! But I have to give a special shout out to my sister friends who have come through for me to make me glam and beautiful on this special day!

Siyonna, I simply Love you! You are a true friend with a heart of Gold!
Patrice, I can’t thank you enough for you kind spirit and always thinking of me
Kellie, your the big sister I wish I always had..always available with an encouraging word and a kick in the butt!
Terese, girl you are the best and your gift is gonna make the walk down the isle so precious.
Jasmin, every girl needs a friend who can whip that hair into shape!! Thank you for being so sweet and coming through at the last minute.
Pamela, Sometimes the ones always working behind the scenes are the ones that get looked over..but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for me and Sheldon to make this day possible. Thank you! Thank You!
My Mother- I know this is a bitter sweet week. You loss the love of your life this week and the man I’ve known as daddy for 20 years. Thank you for still being supportive and as encouraging as you could be. I wish you both could be here today. But it makes me smile to know he’s watching over me.

There are so many people that we both have to Thank and trust me the list is coming soon..but for this early morning thought..I just have to show my appreciation for all the compassion and love that will be shown today!!

Well the sun is coming up! I feel wonderful and I will soon be Mrs. Joseph!

Be sure to follow all the exciting pics being tweeted and instagramed by our friends today #sheldonmonique



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